Poore & Co.: Color Consultation
testing number of workds 1.	Poore & Co. can maximize the appeal and functionality of small and awkward spaces through our unique understanding of the relationship between space and human psychology. We use these skills to help you do more with less in a way that promotes green design, economy of effort, and ease of permitting.

Poore & Co., Gloucester, MA, provides integrated design services ranging from consulting to comprehensive project planning and management.  This includes pre-purchase analysis, historic preservation, permitting, site / landscape design, and architectural design. Our interdisciplinary approach weaves green design with landscape, architecture, interior design, lighting, color, and the decorative arts into harmonious, cohesive environments.

Poore & Co.: 1.	Poore & Co. combines, color, lighting, interior design, and the decorative arts to create places that people truly want to be. Our broad network of contractors, artisans, and artists allows for an interdisciplinary, collaborative approach to design and construction.  Design 1.	Poore & Co. has a broad range of skills in the field of historic preservation as well as historically informed decorative arts. Our integrated design approach ranges in scale from urban planning to the finest level of architectural detail.
Poore & Co. 315 Washington Street, Goucester, MA 01930 978-281-6071

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